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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Make Extra Money With CashCrate

I have been reading about Cashcrate for a while now and I decided to give it a try. If you don't know, Cashcrate is a site that pays you to do surveys, enter contests and try some offers. Since I am the type that will not pay for things, I only do the free surveys. Since I signed up 3 days ago I have now made over $27.01 and have $9.85 pending. Not too bad. I also have 6 referrals of which 4 are active.

Below is your earnings information since your last payment.

Earnings from Offers: $23.70
Earnings from Daily Surveys: $0.00
Earnings from Referrals: $3.31
Earnings from Bonuses: $0.00
Total Earnings: $27.01

One thing I do suggest before signing up is to get an alternative email address. I signed up with Gmail because you will get alot of spam. Also since you are giving out your phone number you will receive telemarketing calls. To solve this problem, you can sign up with Google Voice. It is completely free and it will you give you your own number and voicemail to be forwarded to any number you want. If you start to get spam, you can block the numbers. I only do surveys that I am interested in and I also read the terms and conditions. Always read what you are joining.

To learn more about Cashcrate visit the forums.

Here are proof of checks from other users

cashcrate check for $32.05
cashrate check for $1,531.07
cashcrate check for $46.10
cashcrate check for $10.35
cashcrate check for $221.54

The key in getting bigger checks are referrals. If you sign up under me let me know.

The perfect alternative to a checking account


RandoM said...

hey thanx for the info! that looks promising, but I'm from Greece. can i make real use of this?

Ginene said...

You can make money by getting referrals if you are good at that. It's not that many ops for non USA members.