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Friday, November 02, 2007

Working From Home Can Save You Money

If you have been considering to work from home but don't think you can match your current office salary, then there are some things you should write down and compare.

Average work outside the house mom(wohm) makes $12.50 an hour which is $500 weekly
Daycare costs for child under 2 is $250 a week
Gas $30 a week to get to work
Clothes for work - estimate $20 a week
Lunch(fast food), $4 a day average spender- $20 a week

This leaves the work outside the house mom with $180 (before taxes) a week to help contribute to bills in the house.

Average work at home mom(wahm) makes $8 an hour $320 a week
Daycare costs $0
Gas to get to work $0
Clothes for work $0(go shopping in your closet for pjs, lol)
Lunch $0, time to go to the kitchen

This leaves the work from mom with $320, also taxes are normally not taking out. Bigger tax break when tax time comes.

In this scenario, it is better to work from home if you have to pay for daycare. Here's a short list of work from home jobs.

Alpine Access
Working Solutions
Live Ops
Customer Loyal Concepts
Accutran Glogal
Morning Side Partners
Amphion Medical
Executive Secretaries
Key For Cash
Speak Write
1800 Flowers

To learn more about work from home jobs visit Wahm Forum and Work Place Like Home

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Anonymous said...

This is the reason I chose to stay home. We couldn't afford daycare after the kids were born. I don't make much money but it does help towards the bills.

Ginene said...

Daycare is crazy. Fortunately my mother watches my kids. If she didn't I would have been left my office job.

Anonymous said...

I work for West and I love it! I have only been there for about 6 months but I do average a minimum of $300 a week. At first my husband didn't take it as being a real job but when the checks started coming in he supported me all the way.

Ginene said...

That's great! Most of the times, relatives don't view work at home jobs as real and they will come over while you're working and even ask you to babysit. They don't realize that the job is real. The only difference is you get to stay at home.

Sumer said...

Hi i am a stay at home mom of two which one of these jobs would work best for me? I need one that is going to pay well we need to buy a house. also are all of these jobs free to start?

Ginene said...

Hi Summer,

Yes they are all free. None of them require you to pay. You might need to do more than one to help pay for your house. Many moms do 2 to 3 and work around their kids schedules.

Anonymous said...

Another great site that I use that blows the others away is Work At Home Mafia . Everything from videos tutorials to 20 leads a day makes it my fav. Great friendly gals there too.

Wendy Arb said...

Hi Ginene: I'm a member at cafemom and read your post thru: I want to work at home group. I was reading that you do medical billing, so do I and I currently work full time at a medical billing company, away from home and away from my daughter. Do you work from home? Do you work for yourself? Or do you work for a company that allows you to work from home? I'm looking for jobs that will allow me to work from home. Wendy

Ginene said...

Hi Wendy,

I did have a client for about 4 months and made some good money but it was just a starter and did wanted in house billing. I am still trying to find a contract with a year contract so I can quit my fulltime job. I have only done a few billing jobs from home but it was never long term. I found them online in the forums. I did alot of research too because alot of them were scams. Sometimes they post them on career builder. None ever cost me money.

Tiswas Palmer said...

Very good information, but some are real scam merchants.

Ginene said...

I definitely agree. This is why you must do alot of research and be careful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome article.