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Monday, March 19, 2007

Need a New Template

I am glad that MyBlogLog exists. I have met some nice bloggers on line that were kind enough to give me input about my blog. Members Jahmodi and
Jereal were kind enough to give some helpful advice about my font by suggesting that I make it more readable. I do agree. I do need a change however I have no idea how to change it. If anyone can send me a comment and recommend some nice free templates or ideas on how to make my font more readable I would appreciate it.


Adam said...

Just go over to your Blogger Dashboard and choose a new template. You can also check out some of the template available online. Make sure you save all the widgits and links you have added as changing to a new template can wipe those out.

Ginene said...

Thanks. I have to figure out how to save the widgits. Hopefully things wont change too much.