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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Should You Work From Home

Alot of people dream about finding the perfect work from home job. Even if you find a real job you still need to analyze if this is the one for you. Upon interviewing with a work from home company you should find out if they pay hourly, per call, commission or salary and if you will be an independent contractor or employee. Some work at home customer service jobs, say they pay between an average of $8-$15 per hour but if you read in between the lines, they may mention that they only pay $1 per call. This may sound great if you get between 9-30 calls per hour but sometimes you may only receive 5 calls or maybe 3 or none. This means you may work many hours only to get less than minimum wage. But there are alot of work at home jobs that you can make a living from. Just always do research on the job. You should never pay for a job unless you are trying to start your own company and feel secure with your decision.


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Ginene said...

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