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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Site Meter

How cool is this! I just joined Site Meter yesterday while I was visiting Electronic Village blog. The owner mentioned that their site was growing and I clicked on the number of visitors link. Well I signed up and I am very impressed!! It is free to sign up with and you can get statistics on your blog that gives the most popular links, shows locations and more. I can see from there that my most popular post is 30 Tips For Working From Home and the best thing about Site Meter is that its FREE!!! You know I love the freebies. :)

Go ahead and check it out, you'll love it.


Villager said...

(smile) I'm glad that you liked that widget. We seem to have much in common, including our blogspot wallpaper theme!

peace, Villager

Ginene said...

LOL. How about I didn't pay that any attention. LOL Too funny. I am glad that you mentioned that on your blog. I would've never known about it.

Ginene said...

Wow we do have a page very similar. Mine used to be pink in February but alot of readers thought the font was hard to read. Goes to show you great minds think alike. :)

Patrick said...

wow, people will find anyway to make money and advertise something!