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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When I Finish My Blog Post What's Next?

For the longest time after I did a blog post that was it. I would hit publish and go about my business. I didn't know the importance of pinging Every time you ping your blog, you are letting blog directories and search engines know that you have fresh information. Most people in the seo forums assume that you know that. Well not the little kindergartner bloggers like myself. If you are not sure where to ping your blog, here a few places you can ping to.



Mariuca said...

Hi! Pinging is very important of course! Anyway, thanks for ur vote, unfortunately I lost it all today when I had to change my URL since the old one had major pinging problems and refused to update :( Hope u can vote for me again at my new url

Ginene said...

I sure will vote again. Thanks