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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Savings Advice Forum

The Savings Advice Forum is the best! There are so many motivational members in this forum with great tips on how to save money This forum is great! They have advice on how to improve your credit, lower your bills and fancy ways of saving. I am a newbie there and have been a member for less than a month but it really helps you change your mind frame and develop good spending habits.


Anonymous said...

I had no way to return a comment to you on the 360 voice site so I'm doing it here.

I'm pretty sure I hold the current record with 208 comments on one day as of right now.

Be sure to come back and visit again.

Ginene said...

I did find out that Engadget had the most comments through this blog it states it was 3324 comments. Here is the link most comments by a blog