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Friday, October 26, 2007

How To Appear On 1st Page Of Google?

You want to know how to get your results on the first page of google? Me too. LOL. I do know some of my keywords that have landed my blog on first page through sitemeter.

Here are some search words through google

things to look for in a daycare I am on the first page, 5th one down

robot baby dolls school project 1st page 4th down

payu2blog social security number 1st page, second down. I haven't even been accepted with this one yet so go figure

how to get your patent work going for free 1st page #1

and the coolest of all "work from home forums" 1st page #5 woohoo!

Too cool. I like to see how search engines come to my blog. Some of it is strange but if it brings me a visitor that's all that matters.

What keywords bring your page up in google?


Ashley said...

Hey Ginene, You mentioned on my blog that you had signed up with someone and hadn't heard from them. Are you referring to PayU2blog? Also I'll get my tagged stuff on probably Monday. Have a good weekend.

Ginene said...

Yes it was payu2blog. I just tried again so I'll let you know. Also don't feel obligated to post your facts :) I just had to tag you. lol

Sharon said...

Ginene, sometimes I really wonder how search engines crawl your blog too! I've had some first pages on some strange *and totally* bizarre keywords...

But, I guess it evens out when you are the first in line for *diva network*. Still working on beign #1 for keyword *diva*.

If you have secrets to tell. Please feel free.

Ginene said...

I know if you put questions in your post title it brings #1 alot. I normally post titles according to how someone would search them in google.

Zmoney said...

Glad to see such sucess!

Ginene said...

Thanks zmoney. I am trying to be like you though. :) I need some money.