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Monday, October 08, 2007

Popular Blogs On Free Domains

I have been searching around the net for popular blogs hosted on blogger. People say that if you want your blog to be popular then it needs to be hosted on its own domain. I guess they were wrong. All of these blogs are popular and are doing pretty good and it didn't cost anything to get started.
Alexa Score 15,993 Linking In 3,084 Technorati Rank 14(top 100)
Alexa Score 8,041 Linking In 5,730 Technorati Rank 17(top 100)
Alexa Score 13,682 Linking In 580 Technorati Rank 67(top 100)
Alexa Score 78,496 Linking in 7 Technorati Rank 1,454(top 2000)
Alexa Score 8,149 Linking In 1082 Technorati Rank 302(top 500)
Alexa Score 14,984 Linking in 875 Technorati Rank 104(top 200)
Alexa Score 150,370 Linking in 1,181 Technorati Rank 9,894(top 10k)

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