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Friday, October 26, 2007

What Is Cafemom?

Have you heard about
It is a great place to meet other moms. One of the best features they have is the message boards. Not only can you join other communities, you can create your community and control the content. You can set up rules and guidelines and delete any posts that you don't find appropriate or better yet you can ban any members that may be spamming your boards. It is a great place to meet moms of interests such as

Work from home moms
Single moms
Married moms
Working moms
Stay At Home moms
Teen moms
Pregnant moms
Get advice and support from moms.
Share advice, photos and more.
Go to CafeMom

You will love it once you get there and best of all it is free to join. :)


Nicole said...

I love Cafemom! It's the best forum out there for moms. I am going to get me a blog one day.


Jacquelyn said...

I love CafeMom. I have been neglecting it lately though.