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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Uhaul Hires From Home

Need to work from home. Uhaul hires home workers. The department is opened 24 hours, 7 days a week. The pay is $7 per hour and they require DSL. If hired, Uhaul will pay for your training.

To learn more about them visit their site or research them in some work at home forums


Anonymous said...

i hate to even rent u-haul trucks when i have to move; they have horrible customer service. with that being the case, they can keep their little job offers. lol. even if were lookin' for a job like that, i would stay the heck away from u-haul because they are some con artists!
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Ginene said...

lol, but what is a pain to you maybe a blessing to others. Having a job is better than having no job.

Anonymous said...

That's just a stupid comment. A job is a job, people search the web daily for a legit opportunity. Uhaul isnt the greatest company on earth, they need better staff. Good thing you didn't apply, with that attitude it would be making a bad situation worse!

Anonymous said...

I have had it rough for the past few months and I actually just applied for this job in Arizona and got hired. I start training in about a week. The pay is really good with A $50 bonus at the end of each completed training week. As well as continued bonuses OF $3.40 PER reservation met above your weekly quota (which isn't a lot). It averages out to making around $12 or $13/hr with 36 hrs/wk guaranteed. I have never been a fan of u-haul, but who cares. It is a GREAT opportunity to those in need! AND PAYS THE BILLS! Anyone who has an upbeat attitude and is great with customer service should apply. No call experience is required. I got hired and Ive worked in retail for forever. Give it a shot. It may take you down a path to greater success. You never know. :) ~Optimism is key~

Ginene said...

That's great and you get bonuses. How's it going?