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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What is A Ghost Writer?

A ghost writer is basically someone who writes an article in the author's place whether it is a website, blog post, book writing, essay writing, etc., and the ghost writer usually remains anonymous. If you are a freelance writer or you are looking for one, then Rent A Ghost Writer maybe perfect for you. It is free to sign up.

I just recently learned about this site in the Warrior Forum. If you have any feed back leave a comment.


Ashley said...

Sounds like something I might be interested in. Thanks for clearing up , what a ghost write is, I have been wondering.

Ginene said...

You're welcome. I wanted to know the same thing myself and happen to come across it.

Anonymous said...

i know all about ghost writing as i do it often for my friends that are less creative with their marketing abilities. i consider my ability for marketing via ghost writing to be a blessing; i have always been good at it. i have written resumes for people and i have also turned out business proposals for people as well. i can not say that i always love to be the ghost writer, but i do enjoy it more than not.
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Ginene said...

That's pretty good. I have written resumes and cover letters for my friends and never realized that it had a name for it. LOL.