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Monday, May 17, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

I like to save money and I don't believe everything a doctor says so I am all for home remedies. If you ever tried apple cider vinegar, then you can understand it when I say it seems like it can cure everything!!! My husband had high blood pressure and I told him to take a tblsp of acv from in the morning, noon and night and he just came back from the doctor for his 3 month follow up and his cholesterol and blood pressure went down and an added bonus, he lost 9 lbs! I love this stuff. It seems like it cures everything. It has helped with my PMS and my cramps! I used to call out of work every month and fuss everyone out. Now since I have been taking a tblsp a day, it has been going away to the point I haven't even taking tylenol. I love it! Thank God for giving me the knowledge to look up home remedies!

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