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Monday, October 10, 2011

Making Money With Zazzle

Woohoo! It's my birthday! Ok maybe not but I made my first sale through Zazzle selling one of my husband's designs. Why am I happy? Well all I did was put up about 30 designs and haven't done anything with it and someone bought it. Just imagine what can happen if I promote it or add more products to it. But on top of all that, the person was from France. Wow!!! We are going international! LOL I'm too happy.

Here is the store. It's calledNiorapparel because Nothing Is Out Of Reach! My husband has started his own tshirt business and has been making tshirts for business and local friends and I have also been adding some of his designs on Zazzle. He has millions of designs but I have been too lazy to upload them and some he prefers to make himself because they require vinyl. Either way, I'm just happy to help out.

I have also created some other blogs and will focus on referring Zazzle products from other stores along with my Amazon associate info. You don't even have to have a store to make money. Just sign up for free and create a blog and while you are logged into Zazzle, you click on a product and click on the link button and copy the html code and put it on your blog. If someone makes a purchase through the link, you will get 15% commission and the owner will also make money. This is a win win situation. Now I have more money I can add to my savings goal of $10,000 by next year. Turning 40 is around the corner and if I keep increasing my money making ideas online, I might just be able to do this full time and tell my boss to kiss my bumper. LOL

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