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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Year Another Dollar

Oh my gosh! I need to stay focused. LOL but I'm going to try again for this year. I'm still working this blessing/curse 9-5 but I need to stay focus on making money online. I have made money from adsense, amazon, Cashcrate and Zazzle this year and plan on increasing my income for 2015 so I can take that leap. I am so ready to fire my boss. I haven't done any of the work at home jobs lately because that still leaves me with a boss so even though I have a list of resources for them, I'm focusing on being a successful entrepreneur. A dream is only a dream if you quit, but it becomes a reality because you never gave up! (Do you like my saying :)) I'm not giving up! This year in 2015 I will continue to Praise God Stay Focused Think Positive Speak Positive and Be Successful!!!!

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