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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Posting Daily With Zazzle

I created a shop a few years ago but only updated something once a year and made $4 one year and $3 the next but now I have been staying focused this month and have been uploading designs on zazzle everyday and it's starting to pay off. Look at my recent earnings summary. I tried to do a print screen but it didn't work so I just copied it and paste it.

Earnings Summary Current Total Balance* $33.15** Pending Earnings Cleared Earnings All Earnings Earnings created within the last 30 days, thus not yet cleared to be paid. Earnings created over 30 days ago, thus cleared to be paid. The total sum of all your Pending and Cleared Earnings Credits Debits Type Number Amount Number Amount Pending 0 $0.00** 0 $0.00** Pending Volume Bonus $0.00 Cleared 12 $33.15** 0 $0.00** All 12 $33.15** 0 $0.00**

So now I am motivated to see what will happen if I upload 10 things for sell everyday. Let's see what happens in 3 months.

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