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Friday, February 06, 2015

2015 52 Weeks Savings Challenge Week 6

Drum roll please! LOL. Today I put aside $6. Yay me! So if you're keeping up, we should be at $21. I think I'm going to take monthly pics to keep myself motivated. I know this isn't much money but it will keep me accounted. So later today, I'm snapping a picture of my $21 and my little envelope. I am not going to Chic Fila today and I am going to act like I did and save that money.

Tip for this week.
Everytime you break a dollar, save the change and put it aside. You'll be surprise how quickly that will add up.

Ok Here is my pic of my little raggedy envelope, LOL and my $21. I hope I stay this pumped.
One way to keep motivated is to have someone do it with you or you can also visit the saving advice forum. It's a few people in here updating daily and it's a way to keep you held accountable. Good luck!

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