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Friday, March 06, 2015

52 Week Savings Challenge 2015 Week 10

I am proud to say that I am up to week 13!!! Yay!! I have been putting in my deposits faithfully. I am pumped. I know some people have large savings accounts and this little thing isn't much to them but it is to me because it's a goal and a competition. I have done this for 3 years (including this year) and I usually drop out near the end but this time I am going to make it through.

I also forgot to post my online earnings.... Drum roll please. LOL Last month I cashed out my $33 in Zazzle(also have pending purchases as we speak, woohoo) and I cashed out a $20 direct deposit today from Cashcrate and I also made .50 from Amazon. LOL My online earnings isn't much but guess what I'm adding $19 of it to my 52 week challenge. So when I get home I'll be up to week 14. I'll just add the extra $5 to my envelope. I'll take my pictures later and post it.

Also one more thing, I am doing the Dave Ramsey method Baby Step 1 which is to save $1000 towards your emergency fund. So once my 52 Week challenge hits the $1000 mark that goal will be completed. I'm hoping I can complete it as soon as possible. I have been reading the forums about the Dave Ramsey method and since they provide all of the information online for free, I figure I'll give it a try. After I complete Baby Step 1, then I'm off to paying off my debt using the snowball method.

Wish me luck! To learn more about Cashcrate visit this post


Kevin said...

Good luck, perhaps you can make a post after week 52 and say which methods/platforms really ended up being worthy cash made/time spended :)

Ginene said...

Thanks Kevin. It would be nice if I can make it all the way up. Right now I borrow and pay myself back but I am behind. Bad girl! LOL I will get back on track.