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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dating Tips, some of ya need it(smile)

Here is some advice for men not to do:
1. Don`t get your boy to come over and tell a woman that you`re interested. If she was interested, you just turned her off by showing how insecure and childish you are.

2. Don`t tell a woman she is the prettiest woman you have ever been with and you would do anything to be with her. This is just showing her your lack of confidence and that you may stalk her in the future.(hahaha)Its ok to say she`s pretty but no one is the prettiest.

3. Don`t show a woman that you are intimidated. Act like you can have any single woman you want. WOMEN LOVE CONFIDENCE. Ever wonder why some of the ugliest men have the prettiest women. Looks are not everything and neither is money. (But it does help though. I mean don`t be a broke man trying to have the woman pay for everything)

4. Don`t let a woman that you just started dating(not involved with) think she is the only one and how bad you want to be with her. Men love competition and so do women. It`s in our nature. If they catch attitude, let them, so what, you are single.

5. Don`t stay funky. Laugh all you want but men will date a woman and act like they forgot how to change their clothes, take a shower, or buy new clothes after dating them a while. You wonder why she`s not all over you wanting to have sex? I think I just answer your question. You want your woman looking good, smelling good and in shape, SO DO WE!!Just thought I share my opinions with ya.

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