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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Researching work from home jobs

These are things I do to research any work from home jobs.

1. See if anything comes up at (Better Business Bureau)
2. Search the name of the company in and see what comes up.
3. Search the name in again followed by the words "complaints", "scams" or "forums". Most of the time if there are complaints about a company, people will talk about it on the internet.
4. Is the company registered under a free host or a real domain? I stay far away from companies that can't afford to have their own domain. Check who registered the company by going to or and click on whois. Put in the name of the company and it will show you who registered it and when it was registered.
5. Go to or and search on the company.
6. Go to
7. If the company only leaves a phone number as contact, google the number and see what comes up.
8. Never pay for a job!!!! Even if its only $1. If a scam artist can get a $1 from a million people, you just helped him become rich. If they are going to hire you let them take whatever fees from your first paycheck. If they can't, then I wouldn't take that chance. Don't get involved with companies that promise you all this money weekly for a one time small fee. If it was that easy everyone would be employed.

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