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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Have any of you heard about BegforPost I just happened to come across the site today. Apparently you just basically ask for a review of your site and target the author that you wish would write about you. When I first saw the site, I thought it was related to PayforPost Am I the only one that notice the layout comparison? Hmmmm. Anyway seems like a good idea.

This makes me want to put on a tshirt that says "Will Blog for Food". You think it would sell?


Tammara said...

I do like those template colors, and one of my blogs has similar colors. But, I think for one website to slam what another website is doing is somewhat cheesy. PPP offers a viable service completely different from what I can see that begforpost offers. So, no you certainly are not the only one noticing the template comparison as well as the name comparison. Oh well, there will always be sites like that one that have to slam or copy another one! Interesting info that you shared!

homemom3 said...

I love the shirt idea, but I think it is already out there. I'd buy it though. :) I too thought Paytobeg was part of PPP.

Bobby said...

Just saying Hi.. i read your blog daily :P

though I dont blog on blogger but another site.

Ginene said...

Thanks tammara thought it was just me.

Cool homemom3, I'll try it out. I am always willing to try something once. I also added you on my links :)

Thanks bobby. Send me a link to your blog. I couldn't get anything when I clicked on your name.

Ginene said...

Ok I can never have an original idea. lol. I was just thinking about doing what the guy is doing with the card board. WillBlogForFood sign.

Bobby said...

My blog is at:


Great topics! I love your writing style.

Ginene said...

Thanks Bobby for the link.

Thanks grown azzed woman. I'll have to come and pay you a visit.