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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Helping Others

There are so many ways to make real money online but not many are willing to share their secrets. Sometimes we desperately want to make money so quickly that we lose our common sense and get fooled by all kinds of scams but there are people out there that are willing to help others. Jay Tee mentioned on his blog that I love to review blogs which I do. I think its fun. I never knew the meaning of link sharing until recently. I just always linked to other websites because I wanted people to go the sites that I found interesting. If I find ways to make money online, I find its rewarding to share with someone and in the process that person may help you out one day in the future. Its sort of like the movie Pay It Forward where one boy did a favor for a stranger and in return ask that the stranger do a favor for another total stranger and so on. You don't need anything in return to do a good deed, just knowing that the good deeds will continue should be your reward.


shokthx said...

Great post.
Just remember what happened to the kid at the end of the movie. Don't let that happen to you.

Ginene said...

Maybe it was a weird message in the movie. But my main message is basically to help others. :)

Jay Tee said...

Thanks Ginene for reviewing my blog posts. Have been busy lately on some new business venture...that's why the slowdown in my posts...will update the blog soon. Meanwhile, keep up your good deeds....It's appreciated!