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Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Find Affiliates

I have a folder of over 1000 affiliates saved on my computer as my favorites. I figure one day I may sign up with some so its better to have them now. I did sign up with Amazon on my medical billing blog but really haven't done much with it like I know I should.

The way I search for good affiliates is I visit my favorite websites and then click on their shopping ads. After they take you to the site, just click on affiliates on their website. Example, on msn shopping link if you click an item that you want to purchase, it will take you to the company's website. From there, just click on their affiliate program or type affiliate in the website's search engine and before you know it will tell you how to apply to become an affiliate. Now instead of buying one of those programs that gives you hundreds of affiliate sites for a fee, you can just visit your favorite sites and click on their ads and you'll get it for free.

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