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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Save Money to Make Money

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to save money and find ways to make money. My goals have always been far fetch My motto is if you reach for the sky you will at least get the clouds. Reading gaw3000 blog about budgeting reminded me of me. I just read her site today after reading a comment she posted on here. I love any advice on saving money. I buy food 2 weeks in advance so I know I need 14 meats and 14 drinks. As long as my dinner is set aside for the pay period, everything else is secondary. Anyone else have a blog on budgeting and saving tips? I have one but never updated it. Bad me. :(

In the mean time I have been tagged I was happy that someone tagged me!! Now I need to post my goals on here. Since I have so many, I will post goals I want to reach within 365 days.

1. I want to finish my basement. It really needs work.
2. I need another bathroom. I have 4 kids and a hubby so you know I need this.
3. I want to learn HTML. Don't have a clue. I just copy and paste.
4. I want to quit my office job and work full time from home.
5. I want to contribute something to at least one person that will help me achieve this from advice on their blog.

Now if you want me to tag you on this post. Leave me a comment.


-atomik kitten said...

HTML isn't very hard (at least the basics)...there are lots of sites you can go to that have free lessons.

Ginene said...

Thanks. I am trying to get it. I have just learned the linking phase. I want to create a really nice website.