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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Work at Home Scams

Just because you are desperate for a work at home job, doesn't mean you need to throw your common sense out of the window. If you are going to give a total stranger your private information, then take the time to do some research . This will prevent someone from stealing your identity. If it sounds to good to be true, then most likely it isn't true. Some popular scams are :

1. Getting paid to stuff envelopes. Why would anyone send information to you in an envelope to pay you to stuff envelopes? They will get you to purchase the package and send you instructions on how to make other purchase the same package encouraging you to keep the scam going.

2. Medical billing from home. Yes this is possible but most are scams. You are looking for a job to get money not to pay out money. Investing in your own business is possible but takes alot of time and research.

3. Lottery scams. Again why would you pay someone to send you your winnings?

4. Import/Exporting packages or money. You are the guinnea pig being used more than likely to deliver illegal things or stolen items.

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