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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alexa Ranking!!

I just had to post this! I just, I mean just downloaded the Alexa toolbar after reading DoshDosh and my Alexa ranking dropped from 1,229,000 something to 1,094,420 in like 10 seconds. How neat is that! I didn't believe it but it dropped right in front of my eyes. My page rank according to siteranks is now a 1. I just searched my website through the Alexa toolbar and alakazam(however you spell it) it worked! So I guess now I am going to try out some more of his tips.

Thanks DoshDosh


Deborah said...

Hi there,

Interesting, it dropped considerably just for having it installed into your blog?

I may have to look into this after all :)

I stumbled across your site from another listing you as part of the Technorati favs exchange.

I've already added you to my favs.

My username is fastfastlane, and link to my fav is


Ginene said...

ok thanks for adding me. I'll add you.

homemom3 said...

Yes, it definitely helped me. I love his site, I've even went back to read his archives.

Ginene said...

Yeah me too. I read it at least once a week.

Sharon said...

Wow, that's absolutely fantastic.... But Google did just a recalculation of page ranking in the last few days. So, the move of rankings are across the board in blog land.

But it's a great way to boost your Alexa rankings, because when you start applying for companies like ReviewMe, you are going to need a decent Alexa rank in order to get the big bucks.

Hey, if you need help moving your blog to your own domain, give me a shout :)

Ginene said...

Thanks Sharon. I sure will. I purchased a while ago but didn't do anything with it. I have been reading a little bit about wordpress so when I start I will definitely ask you and of course I am going to blog about it. LOL

BillyWarhol said...

Yer right DoshDosh + so many other peeps on MyBlogLog have some excellent advice fer All Bloggers*

I am going to Link yer FlavaOfBlog (any relation to FlavaFav? of TV Fame?? ;))

I like to give peeps a headz up on dat cuz U can expect a DIGG-like TechCrunch BOINGBOING Tsunami TIDAL WAVE of TRAFFIC to yer site!!!


Ginene said...

Thanks. I did get my name from his show. My husband actually came up with the name and I thought it was catchy.