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Sunday, April 29, 2007

About Me Blog: Sunday 4/30/07

I am going to start a weekly post about me. If you want to do the same blog your heart away. Just something short for me. Did you know that I am approved for Payperpost, Sponsoredreviews, Smorty, and Linkylovearmy but have never done a paid post yet. All of my blog reviews on here are free except one that I received a donation from. Does that count as sponsored? If so, I'll change it from blog review to sponsored. Other than that people ask why I don't disclose paid posts from companies, well its because I don't have any. I review blogs because I like to and sometimes I get link exchanges from doing reviews. My pagerank is zero so far so I don't qualify for alot of paid posts and some don't fit in my blog so I don't bid on them. Other than that I blog about other companies and have the gift of gab. What better place to run your mouth than on a blog? :)


Sharon said...

A blog should always be about your personal thoughts... but sometimes it's quite nice to make some extra cash :0

Ginene, thanks or the link exchange. YOU are just the ultimate diva. Thank you! Just added you (woo-hoo)

Ginene said...

Smiling. No you are! I have to learn from the ultimate diva. When are you giving lessons to the public? :)