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Friday, April 20, 2007


When you create your blog, your posts becomes your original piece of work. You took the time to write your thoughts, research information and you chose to share your posts with the public from your blog. How do you know if someone isn't just copying and pasting all of your posts and claiming them as their own? Well guess what? If you put in your website url at Copyscape you can find out if someone is plagiarizing your blog posts. Just put in your blog's name and hit the go button. It will then show you if someone is or isn't copying your site. The best thing about this is that it is free. Gotta love the free things. To learn more about them visit Copyscape Forum


Mike Crowl said...

Thanks for this link to Copyscape. I had a look at them and found that a post from one of my blogs is appearing in the results from IceRocket. Not sure if that really counts as 'copying' but it was an interesting experiment!

Ginene said...

Isn't it cool!

You're welcome. Maybe you can do something about it. Let me know if something happens.