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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged. My Obsessions

I have been tagged by VBACAdventure. I have to confess 5 obsessions of mine. I guess I can let ya in on some of my madness. :)

1. First Obsession: How to make money online? Who would have ever guessed? LOL. I love to research and I think I can find any information on a work at home job.

2. Second Obsession: Adding numbers. I can't go to the store without adding up my groceries in my head. I am normally within a range of 50 cents or less without using a calculator no matter how large the total.

3. Third Obsession: I can't stay out of forums. I belong to so many that I lose count.

4. Fourth Obsession: I love to write. I write so much that my mother takes pens out of my hands to keep me from writing all over her mail just doodling away.

5. Fifth Obsession: Hmmm. Don't think I have a fifth one so I'll go back to number one and say finding ways to make money since that was something I was doing anyway before I wrote this post. :)

Come on someone leave me a comment so I can tag you. :)


Zhu said...

I'm afraid we share a few obsessions... ;-)

Ginene said...

LOL that's too funny. Want to be tag. I can link you to this post if you want. :)

Anonymous said...

I have just added this post to :)