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Monday, April 30, 2007

Working From Home and Health Insurance

You finally found that perfect work from home opportunity and realized you need health insurance. There are plenty of places that offer health insurance for the self-employed. EHealthInsurance allows you to get quotes from insurance companies and compare them to one another. Another insurance available to pregnant women and children is the children health program This insurance is free. If you don't qualify for the free program you can still be covered under the premium plan and cover your children for as low as $30 a month. The pricing guidelines varies for each state.

No matter which road you choose, make sure you get insurance for you and your family.


Sharon said...

Tell me about it! My husband and I are self employed and we always have to be conscientious that we have health insurance. Just in case .....

Ginene said...

I know. I have been researching all of the insurance too. I work from home part time but haven't found anything that will match my current income that isn't phone related. I think I am going to go with carefirst. They have some really good plans.