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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things You May or May Not Know

If you are like me and sneak on the computer while you are at your office job then you need to know some things. To clean your internet history in internet explorer go to Tools, click Internet Options, Delete Cookies then click ok to get rid of Temporary Internet Files, then click Delete Files, Delete all Offline Content, then click Clear History. Now if your boss is savvy with computers he can still get IT to check what you can't delete on their server but most non IT related bosses don't know that and its also good to do this regulary(I can't remember why but someone told me) Also here are some shortcuts that I use on the keyboard.

My favorite is Alt+Tab- switches pages, so instead of using the mouse you can go back to your workload and switch back and forth to the internet quickly :)

Here are a few more

Ctrl+N- creates a new page
Ctrl+Z to undo the last thing
Ctrl+C- copy(this is good when right clicking is disabled)
Ctrl+V- paste
Ctrl+A- highlights everything on the page

Any favorites that you may have or willing to share? I can always know more. :)


Random Magus said...

Hi.I freelance so its easy - but this blogging obsession is seriously injuring my studies. Just 6 months to go for my MBA to finish
Havent they [employers] become more edgy about web-surfing these days?

Zhu said...

I usually just use CCleaner, a nice freeware that cleans it all.

But I don't use a computer at work, so I don't have much to hide at home... ;-)

Ginene said...

Random Magus

Yes this blogging thing is obsessive. Congrats on getting your MBA Seems like now thats all I want to do.


I think at home we might have Norton or something. I know we have popupblockers and things like that. You can tell I am learning with the computer stuff. I still don't know half of the names for things.

Lisa said...

The online bank you asked about is HSBC. Right now they're offering 5%, I beleive. Last month,they had a special, where they were offering 6% for the month. It's not a lot, but it's better than what brick and mortar banks are offering right now.

Ginene said...

Ok Thanks Lisa

Amy said...

Thanks for the tips. I sneak at work every chance I get! I'm sneaking now... shhh don't tell anyone! Thanks for voting on spicy page!


tom said...

Thankfully I don't have those worries, but that is good info for those that do....

Ginene said...

Hahahaha Amy I know the feeling. One day I will be successful. It just cant come fast enough.

Luck you :) That will happen soon for me too. And sorry about your foot. I saw your blog post. Hope you heal soon.