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Friday, May 11, 2007

Get Your Blog Post Indexed

Joining forums are a great way to add traffic to your blog. It is also a good way to get your blog post indexed. One blog that will get you indexed and get you a free technorati link back is PimpMyBlog You can learn and share techniques on Blog Basics, Blog Design and How to Increase your traffic. After 50 posts, you can add your signature and gain some publicity in the search engines. The owner of PimpMyBlog is Shoemoney and for those of you who do not know him, he is a very famous blogger. He is one of the Top 50 of MyBlogLog community, has had an extremely large google check, and is also in the top 100 blogs on Technorati.

If you want to get your blog indexed, here are three great forums to join


Come and join one of these communities today.


Swapw said...

It's great to hear someone talk about link backs with great forums. Good post, keep it up! Let me know if you would like to exchange links.


amitm said...

Great !! Tips like these can encourage new bloggers like me to particiapte earn some reputation .

Thanks dear .. keep helping !!

By the way ,, please link back to my blog at

Thanks !!!!

m38967 said...

hi---flava: i am off to check on pimpmyblog and join it. thanxs for the tip. i join new blog sites daily, and am always looking out for good and useful ones. happy saturday!

Ginene said...

No problem. I love sharing whatever I find. I would love to exchange links. Always willing to do that :)

sharon said...

That's my mortgage for the next 25 years.....

Ginene said...

I wish I could make that one year or even half of that or better yet 1/10 of that on a google check or even 1/100 lol.

BillyWarhol said...

some awesome Tips ginene!!

Cheers! Billy ;))


Ginene said...

Thanks Billy.