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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home With The Kids

I was on Spicypage surfing through work from home blogs and I came across Home With The Kids. This is a site dedicated to helping moms make that transition in finding a work from home job. The author explains how she got her start through medical transcription and was able to eventually create and maintain her own website. On the website some valid points were made about the mind frame of moms today. In the past we used to assume that we would be home to take care of our families but now we are more focused on our careers. I think the economy has changed that. Now it seems almost impossible to live on one income. One of the ways for a stay at home moms that want to help out financially is to try and get a work at home job There are really alot of great work at home jobs available. Just make sure you do your research before you start.

I really enjoyed my visit at Home With The Kids and have learned about a few more places that hire from home.

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