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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Love SpicyPage

I have read some blogs mention their opinions of SpicyPage and I wanted to give mine also. I love SpicyPage! You can view other blogs and vote on them and also start your own group. I vote thumbs up for everyone. No one wants a negative vote and it doesn't make me feel better to vote badly for someone. I would rather skip their blog than to vote negatively but that's just me. Be positive to others and positive things will happen to you. Also it makes me feel better. My very first vote came from Maccise and that made my day. Voting for others also encourage them to visit your blog. I know I went straight to Maccise site and it is filled with interesting movies.

I also have experienced being #1 for the first time on a site. Woohoo!! I don't care how long it lasts, just felt good to get there. Also it is bringing me more traffic so another plus to the site. If you haven't joined so far, what are you waiting for? There are so many categories that can get you to the top 100 such as the number of votes you get or give, being the friendliest, being the most active, and they will also put you on the front page just for logging in last. SpicyPage is free and its a great place to meet new friends. Stop by their blog for the latest updates.

What do you think of it?


m38967 said...

Hi---I just signed-up at SpicyPage today and i like there style and interface quite abit. I added the widget to my blog because it is cute, but i hope im not overdoing it and adding too many widgets, i just keep coming across some doozies. Thanxs for your vote and nice blog.

Ginene said...

Thanks. I keep adding things too. I actually like the widget too.

tom said...

I like Spicy Page, made some good contacts and found some great yours!! Thanks for your vote(-:

Ginene said...

Thanks for your vote too. I noticed that I couldn't spell on your page. lol

Michele said...

I'm liking spicypage as well, not crazy over the large widget but happy with they layout of their homepage. It is definitely a great place to meet up with other bloggers for sure!

Ginene said...

Maybe if we can request a smaller widget they may consider it. I was thinking the same thing at first.

Zhu said...

LIke many here, I find their widget way too long... But the website is great !

I actually followed yours steps, so thanks for this one !

For the survey site I talked to you about, feel free to blog about it, no problem ! ;-)

Ginene said...


Great thanks!