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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Wow is this blogger's heaven for newbies? I think it is. :) I have found yet another site that will pay you to post. I just recently registered with Sponsored Reviews and so far it looks great! There are plenty of opportunities available. The sponsors choose what their minimum qualifications are and Sponsored Reviews will recommend, based on your blog rank and traffic, the minimum you should charge. The positives to sponsors is that they have the ability to decline your bid. The disadvantage so far to bloggers is that the sponsors do not have to tell you why your bid was rejected. That is one option that I hope they will change in the future. Another plus is every opportunity is neutral. I really like that.

Now we can get paid for doing something we love to do thanks to all these new programs. Come and check out this new paid to post program.


Anonymous said...

I did an unpaid review of SR a while ago, got some comments from the owner.

Ginene said...

That's good. Maybe I could get one for this since its unpaid too.

Unknown said...

I also did one for SR a while back, then turned around and did a paid one a few days later. Pretty funny the way it worked out.

Ginene said...

I actually finally received a paid post opportunity and was paid for it. WooHoo. They are pretty great.

cairo's mommy said...

hey guys, any idea if we can sign up for more than ONE and blog for them as and when?

no mention of exclusivity on any of the company's website so far (correct me if i'm worng pls)

Ginene said...

Do you mean sign up for more than one opportunity? If so yes. Or more than one paid to blog sites. I am not sure what you mean.