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Sunday, May 06, 2007

About Me: Sunday May 6th

If you haven't guessed already. I am a woman. I just don't like posting pictures online. Anyway, before I got this obsession to blogging, I stayed on any sites related to pregnancy. I couldn't stay away. You would think this was my 1st child but in actuality he is my 4th. I loved reading any and everything about pregnancy. The only disadvantage is on some pregnancy boards, women hormones are raging and you could barely go a day without some sort of debate like natural birth vs csections, breastfeeding vs formula, single moms vs working moms, no medicine vs epidurals, etc. Some days I just stayed away because I don't like alot of drama. I try to ignore posts that are not to my liking. Drama will make everybody and their grandma respond. That's just how it is. Now that my son is turning 2, I am no longer obsessed on the pregnancy forums even though I still occassionaly watch the discovery channels when they have pregnancy episodes. Now, as long as my tubes stayed tied, I am finally finish adding to my family line. I can now focus on my new best friend, blogging. :)


Neena said...

I like your humor - it comes in handy when there are four kids in the house!

Ginene said...

Thanks. My kids always say I am sarcastic or silly. It does help me stay sane. lol