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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was just viewing Wirefly's website and they have some really great deals on cell phones. You can get a Razr cell phone on their 24hour Razr Wednesday sale for $0.00. No that wasn't a mistype. All you have to do is choose a selected plan from carriers such as Cingular, Verizon etc. and pay $0 after your instant discount. You can choose from a variety of colors but you must act fast because the sale ends midnight Wednesday! To choose your plan, you can shop by carrier, phone, or service plan. It would be a great gift to give mom a cell phone for Mother's Day You can get the pretty pink Razr with a new Cingular Wireless account and have it shipped with 2 days by FedEx so it will be here in time for Mother's day. Also if you missed the 24 hour opportunity, Wirefly still have other great deals and options you can choose from.

If you want a cell phone but don't want a contract, they also have prepaid cell phones that you can choose from. Just enter your zip code to get the coverage plan. The prepaid coverage available in my location offers free nights and weekends. I wasn't aware that prepaid phones had free weekends until today. That is a definite plus for me. I am always trying to save a buck. I am glad that I visited Wirefly I now see that cell phones are definitely back in my budget. Now I can finally get one again. Its only been 2 years since I had one. :) Even my teenager have a cell phone.

Stop by Wirefly today and give some feedback if you have any.


Sharon said...

I got my cell phone from Wirefly also. For free. You can't beat a good deal like that :)

Ginene said...

Really that is great! I lost my cell phone 2 years ago and never replaced it. I am definitely going to get this deal.