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Thursday, June 21, 2007

How Much Traffic Is Your Blog Receiving?

If you keep your blog updated daily with good content, then you are probably getting a good amount of traffic. My traffic is low and part of it is because I never had large traffic, lol and lately I haven't been updating daily like I did before. Sometimes all it takes is some good online blogging friends to remind you that you are slipping and that you need to get your lazy butt up and post something. :) I try to post whenever I have some good information but lately I have been actually working at my new job. Who goes to work to work? (being sarcastic, Hahaha). I am now a supervisor so I actually stay a little busy now during the day. My last job I could play around all day online and I was also able to blog more during the day and search online quite often.

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Sharon said...

I hope you are liking your new job! I know what you mean, sometimes just having a couple of minutes to just update your blog during work hours kind of take the stress of deadlines.....

VivienneQuek said...

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Alex said...

i know what you mean about work, for me that used to be prime internet time, with more money being given to you i guess they want more work out of you :-)

also, doesn't Blogger keep traffic/visitor stats for you also? i haven't used them in quite awhile but i thought they did.

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Gerri said...

I have only just started blogging and I find it hard to keep my posts coming. My job keeps me busy and I just had a baby girl and I like to spend as much time as I can with her and my wife. I dont even have the time to find a few minutes when i'm at work. All we can do is try our best.
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