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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ortho Evra Lawsuit

I am gladly doing a Linkylovearmy challenge about the Ortho Evra Patch. I can go on an on about this because I did not like the patch!

Have you ever used the Ortho Evra Patch and experienced serious side effects? I used the patch from 2003-2004 and it was terrible. I got off of the pill because of the convenience of using the Ortho Evra patch once a week. Using the patch, I would only have one week out of the month where I didn't spot. It was so annoying. I also woke up in the middle of the night with a knot on my leg the size of a tennis ball. I told my doctor and he said that it probably was a muscle spasm but I have never had any that big. Then one day at work my left eye was blury for about 15 minutes. That same week while I was at work I passed out for a minute and my boss called my husband and he took me to the ER. That was the last day I used the ortho evra patch. I was only on it for about 8 months but it was the worst 8 months ever. I had moodswings like you wouldn't believe. I was very depressed then but never noticed the connection with the patch until I joined some online forums to realize that I wasn't the only one.

After doing research on Google I found out that over 17 women died from the patch. I am glad I stopped using it when I did. Here are some links related to deaths.


Medicine Net

Here are some individual personal experience in one forum. To see more, just google "ortho evra patch forum".

Injury Talk Forum Ortho Evra

Here's another good forum
Topix Forum


BrettBum said...

That's an amazing story from the perspective that it sounds like you were extremely lucky that things did not turn out worse.

Sometimes it almost feels like we are guinea pigs for the drug industry these days.

We want medical science to come up with a quick break through but sometimes it seems like they get blinded by the money and profits.

Best Regards,

Ginene said...

I was very lucky. Reading everyone else's signs seems like I would've had a stroke or worse if I had stayed own it.

I know people who don't have any signs but too many warnings and health issues have happened with this patch.

meleah rebeccah said...

THAT is TERRIBLE. (great links.)

I am so glad I did NOT use this product!

Sharon said...

I read about this sometime ago and there are a lot of women who have been having troubles during, and even after, taking the patch.

I hope you were able to get in on the class auction lawsuit against the company.

Sometimes these drugs are not tested the passage of time and they just are so eager to have everyone use them.

meleah rebeccah said...

ppssst... UPDATE?

Ginene said...

LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You know you're right I need to update. LMAO. That was funny! I love honesty.

Gibran said...

That's an incredible story, and like many have already said, you were definitely one of the lucky women. I think it's great that you are sharing your experience and providing information about this dangerous form of birth control. For those women that have suffered the side effects of the birth control patch, I would suggest they consider contacting an attorney. If they are unsure about taking legal action here is a page that offers information on how a lawyer can help.

Ginene said...

I know I was really lucky. I just hope everyone looks out for the signs if they are having problems.