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Friday, August 10, 2007

Fight Spam on your Blog

I've heard that Akismet is a really good tool to use if you need to fight spam with a Wordpress blog. Anytime the topic "How do I get rid of spam on my blog" comes up, most members refer the user to Akismet. Now you wont have to manually delete hundreds of spam comments. Most of the spam will get caught and out of 200 spam detections you may only have to manually delete a few here and there.

To learn more visit Akismet forum.


Anonymous said...

You know when I was on blogger before, spam was really a big problem. Now that I'm on wordpress Akismet is a godsend...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginene,

You're in... again ! ;)

I definitely had you in my blogroll, not sure what happened. I think I lost a few blog when I changed from the usual blogroll to the dropdown menue. Sorry !

Ginene said...

Oh no problem. I think I overlooked yours too because I just added you to day. All this time I thought you were on there. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Akismet! It's made an enormous difference for my blogs.