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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Your Alexa Ranking Going Up?

My Alexa score has been rising every week. At first I thought it was just my blog until I googled it. In the Payperpost forum this question was asked and most have seemed to notice and increase in it. Just in case you didn't know, the lower your score is the better so going up isn't popular with Alexa.

Have you noticed a change in your score and does it makes a difference to you?


AzDana said...

Good post! My Alexa has shot up sky high! It used to be about 100,000, but now its over 300,000. I don't know why its happening. I have the Alexa badge on my blog, and my traffic is increasing every day. It's a complete mystery to me. :-(

lucia said...

Alexa came out with a new browser. A larger population may have installed it. This would mean that many blogs whose traffic was previously undercounted may be being counted now-- thus driving down scores of blogs whose visitors always has Alexa bars installed.

This would be a natural effect and could mean Alexa is getting more fair.

However, that's not the only possiblity.

Also, there are a few new paid-to-boost Alexa program. These were mentioned on V7N's forum. If a large number of people are paying others to visit with Alexa browsers installed, that will drive down other people's scores.

Ginene said...

Me too Azdana. Mine went up about 500,000.

Lucia, that does make sense. It was driving me crazy to see my score rising daily.

keel wong said...

Alexa score is really suck!it's not calculate based on traffic,a good url would help increase your rank,that's mean you have to "steal" a famours website name,or you pay to buy ranking.

Ginene said...

I have no idea what it is based on. It would be nice if we get an explanation of it.