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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wrong Diagnosis

What the doctor prescribes isn't always best. I always form my own opinion. When my son was 2 he had a small knot in his stomach just above his bellly button that his doctor kept diagnosing as Hernia but later after switching doctors I found out that it was a tumor in his liver(benign, Thank God). It was removed when he was 3 and he is now 13. Wrong Diagnosis is a really great forum. They have alot of information and discussions on misdiagnosis on men and women and home remedies when prescriptions fail. One example is a home remedy on how to cure Bacterial Vaginosis. Sometimes it is better to talk to others that may be experiencing the same thing you are going through so you can get your own research. I am not suggesting that you avoid doctors but just suggest that you also do research or get a second opinion if necessary.


KerryA said...

good info to know, thanks. Yes, the doctors don't always know what is going on, do they.

Ginene said...

Exactly. They may know more than us but they are still human and humans make errors.