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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too Many Passwords

Are you signed up with alot of forums, affiliates, online banking etc that you can't remember your passwords or usernames? I am signed up with over 30 forums(probably more than that) that I can't remember signing up with. When I get there to register and it says I am already a member I am like "Fez, WTH?"(from that 70's show). Anyway I now have a book with usernames and passwords and the url. My husband just laughs at me. Its not like I can use the same username and password everywhere, then I would have virtually no security. Anyway am I the last person to decide to just put it all down in one book? How do you keep up with all of your passwords and usernames?


Jennifer said...

There is this software called "Any Password". I got it at years ago.

It is small, simple. Yet effective at keeping passwords. You just have to remember to put them in there when you make them.

Ginene said...

Oh my goodness! That is so neat! I definitely have to check that out.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I remember them in my head...until I need them! Then I magically forget "only" the one I need. :-)

Do you really review sites??

I liked your page - you have some great links too.

Ginene said...

Yeah I review sites but not like the high rated review sites. I just pick a blog and write about it. Nothing fancy but all positive.

Mom of 3 said...

I use Roboform. It automatically asks if you want it to save the password and login for you. With 1 click you can login or fill in a form also (you can save your name, address etc...)