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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grandcentral Invites Addiction

Ok I never knew the addiction of wanting to get an invite for Grand Central I just decided to Google grandcentral and noticed alot of blogs blogging about invites but when I switched to yahoo search engine and look what came up invites for sell on Ebay Wow, I wonder if these people know they can get it for free or are they that impatient to wait on the waiting list. I also came across another blogger who was selling invites for 99 cents each. Wow! The things people will do for money. Selling something you can get for free. I guess that is the American way. LOL. Too funny. I gave invites away for free, like everyone else I know. I am not trying to use the system or get banned. I love the service. Anyway I just thought that was interesting.

1 comment:

Wei said...

Hey there,

No, I haven't gotten any invites yet. I just registered on their site to wait. If you have one available, I would love to get one, thanks!