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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to Be A Diva?

Do you want to live like a diva? I know I do. I have goals like you wouldn't believe. Instead of me whining about what I don't have I need to be happy about what I do have. Even though it isn't much I still try my best to stay focused on saving $3 a day. It is becoming second nature to me. Sometimes I am a little too frugal and need to get some occassional fashion ideas from The Diva Network. There are some really great items there at great prices. Every once in a while you have to treat yourself and live like a diva.


Sharon said...

Hi Ginene!

Thanks for the link :) You are awesome, you got me started in the road to financial freedom, so I owe you big time!

Starbucks might not *since I don't go there to often anymore*, but I do much appreciate all the info!

Ginene said...

LOL no problem. I love coming to your blog anyway. :)

Ashley said...

Ginene, we are a lot a like. I am very frugal about a lot of things. But I do let the diva in me come out whenever she can. After all women should have a few really nice things in their life.

Ginene said...

Yes we do. I need to treat myself. I always buy everything for the kids and forget about myself. I am in need of a "me" day. :)