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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Robot Babies for School Projects

The robot babies that teachers give to teenagers for school projects, lets them experience a taste of motherhood. It just shows teenagers how babies are unpredictable and will cry when you least expect it. The dolls are installed with sensitive data to show whether or not the baby was cared for or not. It will show how many feedings were missed, how long the doll cried and if there was any shaken involved. These dolls are not meant to replace real babies. The purpose is to show teenagers how to care for a child and learn why they are crying. I think it is a good idea in training the teenagers but they need to know that these babies are just dolls and nowhere close to the real needs of a real baby.


Anonymous said...

I really like the latter portion of your last sentence. Unfortunately and depending where these robot babies are used, it may be the motivation for a young girl to go out and get pregnant. She may be thinking "Oh, this is pretty easy...I can do this for real." To a degree I applaud the efforts of whatever group thought this would be a good idea, but at the same time, I can only imagine that it may backfire and we will be left with an epidemic of more prepubescent mothers. I guess only time will tell.

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Ginene said...

I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes it changes their minds but what if they can handle the doll 100% then it would motivate them. I just want people to know that this is noway in comparison to a real baby.

siobhan said...

They are used in the UK as a kind of deterant. They make kids realise how much work a newborn needs and how demanding they are so theoretically, the kids get more careful about using contraceptives.

Ginene said...

I hope it works as a deterant.