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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Identify Theft

Every day someone's identity is stolen. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, you should still want to protect your identity. LifeLock is the only Identity Theft Prevention Solution backed by a one-million dollar guarantee!LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention
specializes in preventing identity theft. Its better to be prepared before it happens then to have to dispute and file police reports later. Sometimes it can take up to several years to gain your identity back. This can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some people have to hired lawyers, go to court, and have bad credit because of identity thieves. Always check your credit report at least once a year to be on the safe side.

If you are interested in protecting your identity, visit LifeLock


Anonymous said...

Such a great post. I am an attorney and have had to help countless people seek justice for this. My advice would be to all:

When you get credit card offers in the mail or ANYTHING that has your full name on it....before tossing it out, mark through ALL personal info or shred it. You would be amaze at hom many search through garbage cans looking for stuff like this.

Ginene said...

Oh yes my mom is definitely the shredding queen. I tear it up but she will put all of it in her shredder.

jeff said...

Be careful especially of the LifeLock product. They have a great advertising campaign with the $1 Million guarantee but it is all fluff. The service places a fraud alert on your credit bureau’s, which you can do for free, and renews them every 90 days. The other services that they offer are also “free consumer services” such as Do Not Call Lists and Do Not Mail Lists. The major problem with their plan is that the guarantee states that they will pay to restore your “good name” if your personal information is compromised through the “defect or fault” of their plan. This is very restrictive since if any kind of ID Theft occurs that was not fraud alerts related then there is no protection. For example, only 48% of ID Theft is credit related. Secondly, not all vendors that establish accounts run credit bureau reports before extending credit. Cell phone companies, utilities, even cash advance businesses may run a credit score to determine eligibility but not a credit bureau report. This makes the fraud alert ineffective thus rendering their services not applicable to many types of ID Theft. This doesn’t even address the other ID Theft risks such as insurance and benefit fraud (IRS and Social Security) Medical ID Theft, etc. In addition, it is over-priced…but well marketed. Look around for other plans that are more thorough and provide complete restoration for any type of event. Our company sells one but I am more intersted in just creating an awareness of the limits of these well hyped plans.

Ginene said...

Thanks for the information Jeff. I clicked your name but it doesn't take me to your profile or blog. Can you leave your site so I can look at it?