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Monday, October 22, 2007

List Of Forums That Pay You To Post

Do you love posting on forums? Do you stay on forums for hours? Why not get paid for it? It's not enough to make your rich but it will add a few dollars in your pockets. Normal pay range is .01 to .20 a post. Here are a few that pay you for your service.

Post On My Forum
Forum Wizards
Forums First

If you have any to add to the list, leave a comment.


Ashley said...

Which ones pay more?

Ginene said...

Actually I am not sure but Pajama Earners seems to be one of the highest paid ones.

drraman said...

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supermom said...

Thats great info, people always want to know whee to get paidto post, I know that paid posting tools pay 15cents per post sometimes more:)

Nanncy Grill said...

If you are looking for paid forum posting service. I would recommend you

Ginene said...

Thanks Nancy