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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Online Casinos

Online Casinos is another alternative in trying to make money online. But before you make that step you should do research on the company by checking them out on forums and making sure they are not scams. Online Casino Blue Book is a free guide to the most popular online casinos. They categorize each casino by their rank. They also list whether the casino gives a bonus for just signing up and they also list their payout percentage. If a casino is listed, you can click on the review button to see how it was rated.

They go into extensive details such as:

-initial deposits,
-positive and negative feedback,
-whether the online casino is licensed
-if transactions are secured
-methods of payments accepted
-description of games
-what kind of support is offered, etc

There are also a list of free online casinos that do not require any money. These casinos are just for entertaining purposes only.

My opinion of the site is overall fair. However, I do think they need more information in the about us section and the contact us section. It would also help if they had a forum to get some more feedback from other users so that new potentials customers can have more input before making a decision on which online casino to use. Also when they say "we have listed the top 10 casinos", they should include the number of people that came up with this list. Just because the owner is recommending the sites, doesn't make me feel comfortable in giving those recommended sites my money. I think there should be links added to the site that shows how to avoid online casino scams and how to research legit online casinos.

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Icky Panties said...

Doh! Mah Jong is a good one for winning cash =)

Ginene said...

I am going to have to check that out.

Gerri said...

Have you tried any of the online casinos? I was also thinking about putting up a post on online casinos as a way of making money.

Ginene said...

I have did the ones that were free.

Anonymous said...

yes nice idea but who make the actual payment fot the online casninos blue book? is it textlink?