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Monday, October 29, 2007

WAH Message Boards Acronyms

Shortcuts that I have come across on WAH boards

WAH= Work at Home
WAHM= Work at Home Mom
WOHM= Work Outside House Mom
WFH= Work From Home
WAHD= Work At Home Dad
SAHM= Stay At Home Mom
SAH= Stay At home
DD= Darling Daughter
DS= Darling Son
DH= Darling Husband
SO= Significant Other
TTC= Trying To Conceive
BP= Bonafide Pregnancy
BF= Breastfeeding
LOL= Laughing Out Loud
ROFL= Rolling on the Floor Laughing
FYI= For Your Information
MIL= Mother In Law
SIL= Sister In Law
BIL= Brother In Law
AP= Attachment Parenting
HTH= Hope That Helps

That's all I can think of. HTH! :) Visit some work at home forums WAHM and WorkPlaceLikeHome


Irene said...

Hi Ginene,

Good list!!

Btw, I don't do anything special with my margins on my is just one of blogger's templates... it's one with the option of "wide", if I remember right. Actually though, I am getting kind of tired of the "wide" look...thinking of changing it..we'll see.

Ginene said...

Thanks! Ok I'll have to check it out then. Thanks